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OBIT. That particular solemnity or office for the dead, which the Roman Catholic church appoints to be read or performed over the body of a deceased member of that communion before interment; also the office which, upon the anniversary of his death, was frequently used as a commemoration or observance of the day. 2 Cro. 51; Dyer, 313.

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On Wednesday, NMG released CCTV footage of a man believed to have planted the obituary and appealed to members of the public to help in his identification.
html) obituary  last week wrote about Monson's stand on issues relating to same-sex marriage and female missionaries being ordained as priests.
Therefore, my obituary column may seem desperately hopeless.
The obituary quickly went viral; Beth's husband, Brendan O'Rourke, was interviewed on the "Today'' show and ABC News.
Later, the Times dropped the beef stroganoff reference and changed the lede of the online obituary to:
In Britain's Telegraph, where he's the obituary editor, Harry de Quetteville writes that he and his staff have "a large number of obits, perhaps several thousand, in various stages of readiness.
His obituary had to be pieced together from a variety of sources.
The Batesville Daily Guard is being called on to change its obituary policy after leaving out the name of Batesville resident Terrance James in an obituary for James' longtime partner, who died June 11.
Two of these are definitely attributable to Keynes, one of which is half of Ramsey's obituary in The Times.
com, the online resource for local and national obituary news and multimedia tributes, today announced a nationwide initiative with over 75 television station partners to implement a co-branded Memorial Day program.
An obituary is not necessarily an idealized encapsulation of a life.