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OBIT. That particular solemnity or office for the dead, which the Roman Catholic church appoints to be read or performed over the body of a deceased member of that communion before interment; also the office which, upon the anniversary of his death, was frequently used as a commemoration or observance of the day. 2 Cro. 51; Dyer, 313.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Journalist Jim Polling took a snap of the funny obituary and shared it to readers via Twitter last Wednesday, Feb.
The unusual obituary quickly went viral on Twitter and many users shared the tweet.
The matter was reported at DCI, Central Police Station under OB Number 31/7/2/18.The suspect is believed to be in his mid-thirties, of brown complexion, plump, about 5 foot 10, with a full beard and short hair.He booked the obituary under the name Jared.
Designed for funeral directors and newspaper publishers, streamlines the obituary entry process to better support the needs of families, eliminate errors and reduce overhead for funeral homes, and increase revenue for newspapers.
The obituary quickly went viral; Beth's husband, Brendan O'Rourke, was interviewed on the "Today'' show and ABC News.
Some readers tweeted their dissatisfaction, making fun of the Times' inclusion of her cooking skills and wondering if an obituary for a male rocket scientist would lead with anything, but his professional accomplishments.
In Britain's Telegraph, where he's the obituary editor, Harry de Quetteville writes that he and his staff have "a large number of obits, perhaps several thousand, in various stages of readiness." The age of the subject is the principal factor in determining whether to prepare an obituary ahead of time, but de Quetteville and colleagues also watch for illness, substance abuse, and high-risk jobs or hobbies.
His obituary had to be pieced together from a variety of sources.
The Batesville Daily Guard is being called on to change its obituary policy after leaving out the name of Batesville resident Terrance James in an obituary for James' longtime partner, who died June 11.
Two of these are definitely attributable to Keynes, one of which is half of Ramsey's obituary in The Times.