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OBIT. That particular solemnity or office for the dead, which the Roman Catholic church appoints to be read or performed over the body of a deceased member of that communion before interment; also the office which, upon the anniversary of his death, was frequently used as a commemoration or observance of the day. 2 Cro. 51; Dyer, 313.

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The obituary quickly went viral; Beth's husband, Brendan O'Rourke, was interviewed on the "Today'' show and ABC News.
This new obituary product is the most dynamic, innovative, and complete offering we have ever put into the marketplace," said Stopher Bartol, Legacy.
Here is the full online text of the obituary before it as deleted:
Later, the Times dropped the beef stroganoff reference and changed the lede of the online obituary to:
And there's always the danger of the obituary being used prematurely.
com, the online resource for local and national obituary news, was launched in February 2008 by Monster.
The Tributes team has done a tremendous job in laying a solid foundation for what is destined to be a major national platform for life-celebrating tributes versus the more traditional obituary classifieds consumers are now shifting away from," said Jeff Taylor, Founder and Chairman of Tributes.
Continuing in that same style, they read the obituary pages for one year, putting their thoughts and impressions in writing.
In an otherwise excellent obituary in the Globe and Mail, it is said that he died in Toronto.
In different ways, they both showed courage, as anyone who reads an obituary of Moserova, a presidential candidate in the Czech Republic in 2003, will discover.
A woman narrates two small sections of the book, a French poem and the obituary of the main character.