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But after I had been occupied several years in thus studying the book of the world, and in essaying to gather some experience, I at length resolved to make myself an object of study, and to employ all the powers of my mind in choosing the paths I ought to follow, an undertaking which was accompanied with greater success than it would have been had I never quitted my country or my books.
It is more difficult to speak well than to compose well; that is, the rules and trick of composition are oftener an object of study.
The most tasteful front-yard fence was never an agreeable object of study to me; the most elaborate ornaments, acorn tops, or what not, soon wearied and disgusted me.
The key object of study is the evolution of the velocity-space particle distribution in time and space.
The event will highlight the diversity of NYC through Stephane's images of crowds and architecture, and emphasize the complex relationship between an artist and the object of study by bringing to light the interactions that take place between photographers and their human subjects.
The authors argue that the remarkable advance in the capacity and accuracy of optical instrumentation in the early modern period allowed unprecedented access to the very far and the very small, but only at the expense of significantly altering the empirical relationship of the observer to the object of study.
The resulting special issues strive to find common approaches by exploring the ways in which various scholars' work generates productive tensions via differing conceptions of the magazine as object of study.
In addition, the volume has a Catholic object of study whose tradition echoes "the pragmatist view that experience precedes and produces theory" (19).
Time spent on the aeroplane is not ideal for studying, and if the object of study is the piece you are about to conduct tomorrow, the results can be disastrous," he explains.
The authors consider how conceptions of society as an object of study have grown out of particular historical conditions, and make the argument that new problems and ways of relating are quickly out-stripping the explanatory power of more recent social theorists.
In Chapter Six McMichael asserts: "'theology operates from the Eucharist within the church, and not within the church while gazing upon the Eucharist as an object of study, perhaps one among many such objects" (155).

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