object of study

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But after I had been occupied several years in thus studying the book of the world, and in essaying to gather some experience, I at length resolved to make myself an object of study, and to employ all the powers of my mind in choosing the paths I ought to follow, an undertaking which was accompanied with greater success than it would have been had I never quitted my country or my books.
It is more difficult to speak well than to compose well; that is, the rules and trick of composition are oftener an object of study.
The most tasteful front-yard fence was never an agreeable object of study to me; the most elaborate ornaments, acorn tops, or what not, soon wearied and disgusted me.
Europeans first came to recognize the culture of Muslim lands as a holistic set of religious, intellectual and literary traditions deserving respect and attention, and an object of study that would yield intellectual, aesthetic, and even moral environment in a variety of fields.
In a pragmatic way, one can see this in the evaluations of research projects that provide access to the experience of the social actors that constitute or are associated with any object of study.
Digital is changing both research and commercial work, and has become an object of study in its own right.
Rosetta, like many other spacecraft, will crash into its object of study.
The event will highlight the diversity of NYC through Stephane's images of crowds and architecture, and emphasize the complex relationship between an artist and the object of study by bringing to light the interactions that take place between photographers and their human subjects.
Much of this work has been led by international academics looking to Russia as an object of study.
Data resulting from the interviews, questionnaires and focal groups were transcribed and analyzed using the operational analysis proposed by Minayo (16), which consists of uncovering the core of meanings that compose communication, and the presence or frequency of meanings as the object of study.
The IADR has given a timely response, by creating the Global Oral Health Inequalities Research Network Scientific Group, in its multiple dimensions, and establishing it as a privileged object of study.
The authors consider how conceptions of society as an object of study have grown out of particular historical conditions, and make the argument that new problems and ways of relating are quickly out-stripping the explanatory power of more recent social theorists.