object of the action

See: gist
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The overall object of the Action is to investigate the feasibility and viability of the corridor [beaucoup moins que]Sea2Sea[beaucoup plus grand que], examining alternative development / operational scenarios and proposing concrete actions to achieve them.
b) The object of the action is often used with 'end', but with a different twist in meaning.
If the physical evidence or the accident scene is located within the forum at the time of commencement of the quasi-in-rem action, and the object of the action is to preserve evidence material for a potential, future civil action that could be brought in the forum, the court's power to exercise quasi-in-rem jurisdiction should exist.
The object of the action is completed by the implementation of all the elements for the descent to the side site and the Embattled Side Farm, consisting, respectively, of the elevator and scale fixed and mobile, stretcher and scale fixed and mobile.

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