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Fungibility occurs when "the objectifier treats the object as interchangeable (a) with other objects of the same type, and/or (b) with other objects of other types" (1995, 257).
While deconstructing the concept of sexual objectification, we begin to see that it refers to something that occurs between people--a relational process, a form of communication that takes place between the objectified and a (real or anticipated) objectifier.
The installation of Jamisen Ogg's New York solo debut, titled "Conscientious Objectifier," was not exactly bilaterally symmetrical, but each object installed on one side of the gallery had its corollary on the other.
Here she's stuck with zingers like, "I can't decide if you're more of an objectifying misogynist or a misogynistic objectifier.
Spurr's book begins with a chapter titled "Surveillance: Under Western Eyes," emphasizing the privileged nature of the writer's gaze that renders her/him as an objectifier but never as an object.
But this night he was all men combined -- asshole, user, playboy, objectifier.
Moving from clinical diction to intimate speech, moving from the scientific objectifier ("ethnologist") to the engaged participant ("puzzled inhabitant"), she recognizes that illumination exacts its shades, shades which form a barrier to vision.