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Critics say that the city of Los Angeles -- with strict standards of equality in the workplace -- should never have associated itself with a contest that they say stereotypes and objectifies women.
He emphatically objectifies his subjects' thick emotional skins but never penetrates them, suggesting that he suffers from the same "strangulated affect," to use a term Freud and Josef Breuer coined, as they do.
The racist power of visibility thus seems daunting, but Hurston not only takes on the challenge of reclaiming the visual as racially affirmative, she does so in response to a masculinist tradition in which visual power so often objectifies women.
She steers away from attempts at academic language and shuns the idea of impersonal "anthropological" discourse that dehumanizes and objectifies.
Whatever neural encoding allows for such a process, it functions in place of language though on a more rudimentary level, insofar as it objectifies phenomenal experience.
The "psychological costs of raising girls in a culture that persistently objectifies the female body" socialize women to adopt a third-person perspective on their bodies.