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186-193) By the same token, fire insurance maps, above all the Sanborn atlases now found in every United States' social historian's tool kit, enabled insurers "to objectify danger," (185) while also standardizing procedures across the industry.
The many reproductions inform us of the visions, the frequently compelling images produced by relatively untutored people with strong needs to objectify emotions.
It is clear she made every effort to objectify selection in a very subjective art form.
People objectify the homeless and see them just as bums who got what they deserve.
Yet the worry is that because efficiency and speed of construction are easy to measure, such matters will in practice swamp issues less easy to objectify.
The only space in the novel that is peaceful and safe for women can be found in the sea, not only the literal sea, but the sea of imagination, which constantly counterpoints the suffocating public space, and in music which is used in the novel to objectify the inner female landscape.
To the extent that it designates an actual "void" or objectification of emptiness, its seems incongruent with Nagarjuna's refusal to objectify "nothingness" along with his rejection of "substance," or "being.
While waiting for society to change, women can do a few things to minimize this tendency to objectify themselves and to discourage its development in their daughters.
Once you objectify what you're doing that way, you begin to limit it," Dakin says.
It's just that when you sensationalize war crimes, genocide, or famine through graphic images, when the pictures are there to titillate and shock, they objectify and dehumanize the participants, and reinforce a notion of an inbred, almost genetic barbarity that transcends history and politics, a barbarity that can't be changed.
Other criteria are easier to objectify, such as "solid, tight treatment schedules that emphasized group therapy.