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It is also important to embolden women to realise their self worth by choosing to neglect 'beauty standards' as a guide and to view the world and themselves in a less s3xually objectifying manner.
1177/0011000010378402) Objectifying a woman reduces her worth down to her physical appearance.
Much like Andre Gunder Frank's advocacy for the centrality of historical China in global trade, Objectifying China, Imagining America challenges readers to "ReOrient" their understanding of early American history in terms of its relation to the Far East.
We already see the objectifying of women a lot in the media.
That capitalist, objectifying, mother fucker comes out and I am
Much of my therapeutic work over the years has involved working to overcome objectifying myself.
Such a racist and objectifying statement in a publication that supposedly promotes social justice is unacceptable.
asserts cultural studies supports those who gain least from social structures, celebrates and enhances cultural experiences, and aims to deal with culture as a part of everyday life rather than objectifying it.
Two main results are: the detection of intra-personal and inter-personal synchronizations between different semiotic systems; and the individuation of the key role played by objectifying iconic gestures.
Perhaps the most profound effect of objectifying treatment is that it influences many women to view and treat themselves as objects (McKinley, 2000).
We need to be aware, for example, of the way in which acts of commemoration, like history and narrative, can bury the past by objectifying it through meaningless symbol and gesture rather than integrate the suffering of the victims within the memory.