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The victim's family only came to know about the whole episode after the suspects shared the objectionable images with her fiance.
The petitioner believed that the fabric of society would be shattered if these objectionable programmers were not banned.
He said that he had read the statement of Saad Rafique thoroughly and found nothing objectionable, and added it seemed the DG ISPR has given an immediate 'big reaction' .
Alveena told the court Ahsan had her objectionable photos, over which he and his brother Abbas would blackmail her.
IANS New Delhi The Congress on Friday reiterated the"neech aadmi"remark by Mani Shankar Aiyar was wrong but also said Prime Minister Narendra Modi should"first suspend himself and BJP President Amit Shah from the party for their objectionable remarks against Congress leaders".
ALIGARH -- A Kashmiri student was expelled from the Aligarh Muslim University over an objectionable comment on the Uri attack during a discussion on Facebook.
Also, while we very rightly tend to block all such objectionable images that tend to harm the sensibilities of a cultured Indian family, why we keep promoting equally objectionable erotic sculptures of Khajuraho temples in the name of Hindu culture.
It is objectionable in principle that the licence fee-payers are never consulted.
TENSION was palpable in parts of Meerut on Wednesday when Hindu organisations protested against " objectionable visuals of Hindu gods and goddesses" that have been allegedly posted on social networking sites.
News reports say the government has decided against blocking Instagram and Viber and will instead apply its new "smart filtering" technology to cleanse those softwares of objectionable material.
Well certainly if poor old Andrew Bolt is prosecuted for a relatively mild piece," he said, "If we are looking for objectionable speech, the kind of stuff we are hearing from Hizb ut-Tahrir is infinitely more objectionable than anything you'd ever hear from Andrew Bolt.
Summary: The opposition's provisional government has blamed "suspicious groups" with ties to the Syrian regime for circulating schoolbooks containing politically objectionable material.