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Above, I suggest that what's wrong with paternalism is not the intention behind it, both because intention does not generally alter permissibility and because actions can be objectionably paternalistic without any particular intention.
Thus, by setting the threshold for unavailability of the superior orders defense exceedingly high, the manifest illegality standard may objectionably allow subordinates who make unreasonable mistakes in situational judgment to rely upon the superior orders defense.
Others point to the fact that Khuzami is a cochair of the FFETF Securities and Commodities Working Group and director of enforcement for the SEC-which has been roundly criticized for filing cases that are settled for what many, including at least one court, find to be objectionably small amounts.
When the commission returned to the room and took its vote, denying the objection and pointing out that its jurisdiction did not allow an inquiry or investigation in such matters, on the advice of counsel, these people loudly, pointedly, and objectionably, pointed fingers and threatened members of the commission, accusing them of being "traitors," "enemies of the Constitution," and, in one case, stating that "you had better not show your face in Laconia, New Hampshire, without a mask on, or you will be in danger.
It can become a little gruff on occasion but the noise is never objectionably intrusive and probably well worth enduring for the economic benefits the unit offers.
legally required but objectionably early release of dangerous criminals.
781, 792 (1989) (holding that a prohibition against objectionably loud speech is content-neutral because it restricts the volume of all speech, whether it is rock music or a nursery rhyme).
Lacking any objectionably content, 90 Miles to Havana is a well-written story inspired by true events.
Hobhouse clearly employs this conception of social rights, albeit in an objectionably gendered way, when he writes that: 'It is not for the State to feed, clothe and house [citizens].
Misconception: Caulks and sealants often shrink objectionably.
State Security agents in the Academy of Science, in all public broadcasters, the Church; infiltrated in some, most and in a few cases all card-carrying members of political parties, on newspapers, in youth organisations, associations of architects, actuaries, artists, basket-weavers, brewers and bricklayers and, most objectionably for 007, golf clubs.
without making it a continuous apology," Stephen goes on to accuse Sterne of having "a want of principle," calls him "a consummate sneak," a "patronage hunter" and "servile flatterer," and even insinuates an objectionably "close alliance" with his boon companion, John Hall-Stevenson-the friend whom Woolf more idyllically portrays as Sterne's fellow book lover at Cambridge in her essay "Sterne" (134-7).