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TU Plan Apo EPI/BD Plan apochromat objective (bright-field type, bright/dark-field type)
This example is simple, because we add (neglect) just one objective.
They never reviewed or questioned the political objectives for the war--whether they were clear from the outset, morphed as the war went on, or even whether they were understood by the American public.
The above named objectives in humanism indicate that education should reflect all of life's relevant endeavors.
It facilitates learning and includes simply stated objectives that itemize exactly what the student is required to learn (Dunn & Dunn, 1992).
Setting corporate objectives means clarifying the strategic and policy requirements of the organisation and setting and agreeing complementary operational objectives in relation to them.
It should be no surprise that few software-intensive programs ever achieve the lofty objectives set forth in their initial APB.
You'll find it handy to write the PN of the objective lens assemblies on the historical record for each ANVIS to track them.
CPAs should begin by detailing the company's control activities that support each objective in the assessment structure they built in step two.
Such assessments require careful definition of objectives and a comparison of results to certain baseline conditions.
Below is an introduction to the theory of objective self-awareness (OSA; Duval & Wicklund, 1972) and some recent developments.