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Another important aspect of OSD technology is the use of a Recessed Objective Lens (ROL), a lens that is recessed above the magnetic head.
Read the full report: Global Objective Lens Market to 2018 - Market Size, Top 10 Countries, Trends, and Forecasts http://www.
The position of the reducer along the optical axis is not of paramount importance--there is a very high flexibility in this--but another aspect of the parachromat is that we can assume that the reduction lens is an objective lens with a weak lens placed in front of it, somewhat spoiling the correction.
The objective lens can be focussed, and the biocular eyepieces can be independently adjusted.
For many years the solution was an adjustable objective bell, essentially the same arrangement as the eyepiece, with the bell mounted on threads so the objective lens could be turned in and out.
The magnifier, the compass, the sacrificial window and the lens cap will all fit into the end of the objective lens with the LIF in place.
Engineered with an adjustable objective lens for parallax correction and easy-grip target turrets, Excavator features multi-coated optics and 1-inch monotube construction.
An 85mm objective lens gives ample light transmission at most powers, although the exit pupil diameter drops to 1.
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The objective, in direct relation to power, is important because the objective lens is essentially the window bringing viewed objects to your eye.
I chose a good American midrange variable with a one-inch tube and a reasonably sized objective lens.

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