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Those bigger objective lenses mean larger exit pupils.
The market information includes the total market size for objective objective lenses as well as the market size and trends for the following kinds of products:
A surprising number of shooters want scopes with 50mm or 56mm objective lenses.
The two higher power models have objective lenses adjustable for parallax and focus.
Nikon objective lenses deliver a sharp wide field of view and are available in 1.
While large objective lenses boost low-light performance, the extra-high rings they require can cause problems such as poor cheek weld and slow sighting.
The CF160 series of Nikon objectives now includes the CFI L Plan EPI CR series of objective lenses designed to cope with the thin coverglass used in LCDs, and similar highly integrated, dense devices.
The NEXIV VMR LU series features Nikon's acclaimed CF LU160 objective lenses, renowned for their ability to deliver brilliant, high-contrast images.
The Pentax Convergent Lens Optical System Engineering (CLOSE) mechanism automatically slides the left and right objective lenses toward the center when the focus is fixed at a short distance.
Previously, it is necessary to use two different pick-ups or at least two different objective lenses to play and record both HD and DVD discs.
Such as smaller objective lenses, which effects resolution and light transmission, for reduced bulk.