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Aragon was always fond of scientific publications which would prioritize objectiveness and value quality of research as a first and foremost criterion for acceptance.
1 (clarifying sufficient level of objectiveness required by Massachusetts standing laws).
accuracy or objectiveness of numerical information, lawyers often lack
It is quite clear that this decision is ungrounded and unfair for those, who have at least a bit of objectiveness.
For more objectiveness, let us replace this constant with the diameter of the vortex tube according to (75).
Although these ideas that might hurt somebody's feelings when reading them, we find an extreme objectiveness supported by explicit data and prudent technique of information reported by the writer.
The scale has large potential in Brazil especially because of its simplicity and objectiveness in the context of the educational and social problems affecting most regions of the country.
132) However, it should be noted that the public hearings (133) on this legislation called the accuracy and objectiveness of the legislature's findings into question.
Evaluators who conduct certifications shall avoid participating in the certification of cases when they or their close family members have a conflict of interest that may affect the independence, objectiveness and fairness of the certification.
To scientifically organize humanity", the aim proposed by Renan, finally has an ethical colourness, ethics being nothing but, as Andrei Plesu says, "arranging the world in view of being lived, the founding of a new space in which the soul can feel itself as if it were at home" and social-human sciences objectiveness correlate with solidarity, thus it becomes a moral virtue.
24) This leaves the reader questioning both the author's objectiveness and his source validity.
The objectiveness of GMDH algorithm and its satisfactory performance as a non-linear modeling approach has driven a number of researchers to investigate it further as well as test it in a broad spectrum of applications as data mining and knowledge discovery, forecasting and systems modeling, optimization and pattern recognition.