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Whereas decades ago the Prague Quartet in their purist recordings of the early quartets staked on their anonymity, or the fact that they were only known by a limited number of researchers, the Panocha Quartet in turn gave preference to an objectivising aloofness of lively tempos and the Stamitz Quartet to a natural flow of the music material, the Zemlinsky Quartet's interference with the repeated sections resulted in the creation of a concentrated space, which proved to be good for alternating moods and agogic details.
Only time will tell whether this is attributable to the youthfulness of the Pavel Haas Quartet members or their objectivising approach to the score, albeit in an extremely subjective rendition.
While in BWV 202 Martina Jankova is splendidly consonant with the affectionately playing oboist Xenia Loffler, in the opening aria of BWV 82a her objectivising tragicality is sensitively responded to by the flautist Julie Brana.