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Objectivization shields (see above) employed by NESs included the deletion of agents, the use of passives, and the use of the plural pronoun "we" to include (we = doctor and patient) or exclude the patient (we = doctors as a professional group).
As indicated above, the traditional philosophy of nature emphasized rational objectivization as the defining characteristic of man.
This principle would constitute the basis of its attitude of objectivization and subjugation.
147) Among the claimed effects of detention are the dehumanization and objectivization of asylum seekers.
In his book The Case Against Pornography, David Holbrook argues that pornography is connected with the same processes of objectivization that are essential to the Galilean-Newtonian-Cartesian tradition that lower nature and man "to the status of dead objects".
The propagation of gramophone recordings has also accompanied a grand tendency toward objectivization in the arts in the twentieth century.
In this way, the speaker becomes known and tied to the intentions, thoughts, and deeds avowed in the discourse, thus constituting a self-identity through "the objectivization of the self by the self" (Foucault, 1988: 240).
Boyer rejected Bourdieu's thesis that Sartre stumbles from subjectivization to objectivization, agency to thing, from L'Etre et le neant to the Critique.
4) Here appears with full clarity the trend for objectivization or reification which is so characteristic of modern thought.
The causal compromises of objectivization in transitive actions are the terminal poses of presence and past.
Conselheiro escaped with his flock to the remote, mountain-ringed village of Canudos and there, supported by donations, by regional politicos with aims of their own and by raids on nearby communities, began to build the New Jerusalem, a hopeless jumble of clay huts that finally numbered 5,200 and "was the objectivization of a tremendous insanity.
Moreover, economic development problems can hardly be isolated from the broader socio-political context in which they take place, a context that much differs from the Western European one and about which an economist devoted to the objectivization of its discipline can only feel uncomfortable and clumsy.