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Faced with priests 'who no longer believe', mediums have the job of turning opinions that claim allegiance to 'Science' or practices objectivized as a cultural tradition, into a traditional knowledge in the pragmatic sense of the term, that is to say, part of a biographical episode for each individual.
Table 1: Classification of Research Concerning Local Communities Type of Research Vision of the Reference Approach Community Regional geography and Fixed rural sociology community (Vidal de la Blache and Sumner) Urban ecology (Wirth) The declining urban The objectivized community community Compositional current The preserved (Going, Gans and Jacobs) neighbourhood community Phenomenological and The reconstituted The non-objectivized Neo-Marxian currents (Di local community community Meo, Ley and Soja) Table 2: Suitability Indexes for Different Projects According to All Local Actors Types of Actors Fleurie St.
As in perspective, this distance prohibited direct contact--owing to what may be called an ideal projection plane--but permitted a total and objectivized view.
For Weber, the structure of domination is thus either objectivized by impersonal obedience to rules, or by the respect of norms, or lastly by respect for certain individuals.
As a result neither effectively approaches phenomena as we experience them: the one proceeds from an accepted, given transcendental foundation that has been objectivized, essentially made knowable, while the second proceeds from a similarly objectivized position - that of the objective (scientific) world forcibly separated from its subjective counterpart, the world of scientific "fact" separated from unscientific "values.
The variety of possible states of consciousness is systematized and objectivized in the language and, in this way, made communicable between subjects as (meta) experience.
Like the epic, tragic, and lyric creators of what Bakhtin called "direct word[s]" in his The Dialogic Imagination, the Jeremiah perceives his own language "as the sole and fully adequate tool for realizing the word's direct, objectivized meaning," and thus he transforms language into an "absolute.
The objection to credence-makers seems to be that they smack of idealism - the world has got populated with entities which look like objectivized projections of our inductive practices.
For him such a control typically takes the form of and is realized by "impersonal domination" via highly objectivized scientific techniques and bureaucratic rules.
Indeed, the writing testifies to this hermeneutics, more broadly to the rules by which the testimonies collected are objectivized by being transposed to the level of the theory which is then expressed in its own specific vocabulary.
The human knowledge of God or, in other words, humanity's notitia Dei naturalis innata becomes objectivized and mediated only in the religions.
14) On its production floor, male supervisors direct objectivized and sexualized young women-apparently preconstituted in the home for use on the line.