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In terms of such a view, the only way to break out of this thing-like status, to become truly human, is, like Proust, to disarm the objectivizing descriptions of others by reducing those others to things--objects of one's own descriptions.
The anxiety at the heart of the leaden echo extends from the recognition that beauty resists all forms of containment, including the objectivizing pressures of language.
Szymborska jocularly insists that her identifying "signs" are internal (rapture and despair) instead of objectivizing scars and physical details--but as she does so, she retrieves some of the ecstatic subjectivity she's just set aside.
If the character of baptism as the sacrament of a Way is sufficiently taken into account, it excludes both objectivizing sacramentalism and its polar opposite, the question to which there is no analytical answer: "What has become different in the person baptized?
The disdain for the internal subjective aspects of human life, as well as the spiritual side of human experience--a disdain carefully cultivated by the postwar aesthetes of objectivizing serialism and of musical technological research, but also was promoted in equal manner by movements such as environmental, installation, and process art (for and with the audience)--has in reality, however, led to an evident impoverishment of the aesthetic experience offered by new music, insofar as it mainly pursued research into sound.
These two forms of power/knowledge provisionally objectivizing and subjectivizing are thus in a state of continual mutual provocation and constitution.
As a sociologist familiar with the theory explaining the configuration of capital and social space, he succeeds in objectivizing them under ideal conditions.
The maintaining of order through constant visual observation is an example of what Michel Foucault has called "technologies of power" that "determine the conduct of individuals and submit them to certain ends or domination, an objectivizing of the subject.