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Donald Saunders, whose father was a conscientious objector in the First World War, tells the programme: "Heroes have tended to be related specifically to people who have gone to fight.
My father would have been unfit for service but became an objector SIW WOOD REVEALS HER FAMILY'S DETERMINED STAND
I was an objector to the first motorway, the M1, yet I admit it is now unthinkable what the toll of human life would be if that motorway had not been constructed.
The 16 properties being left on Madryn Street will still be an eyesore, unless the army of developers objector Ms Edge states, wish to buy them and re-furbish, can bring them up to the acceptable living standard, within the two years stipulated.
ANTI-militarist activists in the north yesterday succeeded in forcing the military to transfer a case involving a conscientious objector from a military to a 'constitutional' court.
Leading Medical Adviser Michael Lyons, 25, told a court martial he was a conscientious objector and would not handle the SA80.
Along with giving readers a sense of the experiences faced by individual objectors, Shaw also carefully illuminates the development of government policies, religious group sensibilities, and public perceptions of the individual objector who declined to participate in the war.
Army last year, has said that he wants to leave the military, claiming he is a conscientious objector because Islam is a peaceful religion and his God does "not give legitimacy to the war" in Afghanistan, Iraq or elsewhere.
Because although Aguayo met many of the requirements of a conscientious objector according to military policy, he failed to meet one important non-official requirement: his belief system wasn't Christian.
Any Potential Objector who believes that a portion of his or her the Association-Determined Service Fee shall be used to fund non-chargeable activities may object to the amount of said fee by mailing a notice of objection to Montana Nurses Association, 20 Old Montana State Highway, MT 59634, or by delivering such a notice to Montana Nurses Association at said address.
Perhaps more impressive considering his own pacifist inclinations--Peter Brock was himself a conscientious objector during the Second World War--the author does not present the experiences of his subjects in a hagiographic light.
The poems have been chosen from Stafford's earlier works by poet, teacher, and former Marine officer (one of the first to be honorably discharged as a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War) Fred Marchant.