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MacLeod-(though there was such a pathos in his letter enclosed to me by Strahan that it bore me down) I gave in to his wish against the grain: perhaps indeed for that I ought to be thanked more not less--but as far as you are concerned--I can't see that you owe me anything but objurgation.
Beaucoup d'intervenants s'epuisaient en objurgations.
Skidelsky remarks that "when facts changed he rearranged his views" and quotes Kingsley Martin on this: "a reasonable procedure which only seemed inconsistent because he phrased both his objurgations and repentances in such stirring and memorable language" (III, 154-155).
In the same vein, one must question whether the inaction comported with the spirit of the Resolves or whether, when confronted by the objurgations of the Northern states, Virginia and Kentucky abandoned any thoughts of further action, declining to push harder because of the staunch opposition.
These objurgations are followed by the kindlier cycle "Homeland," opening with scales performed by a baritone owl and reaching a burlesque climax with a snowmobile racketing northward across the fields: "It must have been the winter / which fled over the last / strips of snow or who / sent his orderly / to the North Pole for help.