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OBLATION, eccl. law. In a general sense the property which accrues to the church by any right or title whatever; but, in a more limited sense, it is that which the priest receives at the altar, at the celebration of the eucharist. Ayl. Par. 392.

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Ancestor worship was very important and sons alone were regarded as eligible for offering oblations to the manes, daughter could not perform this very important duty (Altekar: 1956).
All intriguingly link the confl icting soma debates with: the hymns that praise the haoma, the oblation (such as in Jaiminiya Brahmaria I, 1-65) of soma to the fire which also would accord with fuel, the urine which is imbibed for the mushroom as per Wasson's deductions (I argue that all these plants were present or used in the ritual at some point in time or substituted or combined for potentiation or overdose and the incense modulates the experience).
Jessica Kreutter's Oblation (2008) features a lace-covered dining table laden with provisions.
Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, hoped that Brand-Perry would follow the proper rituals at the actual wedding ceremony on Saturday also, which would include recitation of Sanskrit mantras by groom, bride, and other relatives; kannyadan (giving away daughter in marriage); lajahom (parched rice oblation by bride's brothers); saptpadi (seven circumambulations of the sacred sacrificial fire); filling of the bride's maang (line of demarcation in parting and setting the locks of head hair) with vermilion; groom touching the feet of bride's parents to seek blessings; etc.
The divine love not only gives itself in oblation for the world's sin, it also burns and pierces the myriad hosts of its beloved, erupting into their lives so as to prevent, if possible, their being lost to false lovers and false loves.
Its product lines focus upon precision engineered, microsurgical, hand-held instruments for the performance of less invasive microsurgery including laser, ultrasonic, radio frequency for electrosurgery and oblation.
I spent a short week at the Archabbey, going about the daily monastic routine, before assembling with others in the basilica for my final oblation ceremony.
This collection, evidently intended for clinicians as well as researchers, social workers and physical therapists, includes fairly recent research on such topics as non-pharmacologic neural oblation and neural modulation for chronic low back pain, lumbar spine instability, the prevalence of low back pain and lumbar spinal canal stenosis in the general population and the relation between spinal alignment and mobility.
Femaleness does not inevitably equate with such thorough oblation as hers; Mother is more forceful than her husband.
Remembrances to the Eugene Mission or Community of Christ Oblation Fund.
When she finds paperwork connecting her with the General Oblation Board (also called Gobblers), she becomes aware that her hero is involved with the disappearance of her classmates.
However, the coldly seductive Mrs Coulter (Nicole Kidman), who works for the shady General Oblation Board, seems particularly interested in Lyra and when her best friend Roger (Ben Walker) is kidnapped by the mysterious Gobblers, Lyra heads to the frozen North to rescue him.