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OBLATION, eccl. law. In a general sense the property which accrues to the church by any right or title whatever; but, in a more limited sense, it is that which the priest receives at the altar, at the celebration of the eucharist. Ayl. Par. 392.

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oblation at the ground designated for fire sacrifice
When the name of an articulation is not derived from the number of oblations involving buffaloes, it is either because such oblations are totally missing with the main offerings involving only the sacrifice of pigs [7] or because the fate of the deceased's shadow is partially determined through registers other than tana' (e.
For an Elizabethan audience, she argues, Soliman and Perseda would have been an object lesson on the theatrical meretriciousness of Catholic ritual: "By mystifying and privileging spectacle, literalizing mimetic action, and displaying `real' bodies and blood, the play-within-the-play manifests the very qualities of the Roman Mass that the Calvinist reformers condemn when they complain that `of the sacrament' the papists `make an idol; of commemoration make adoration; instead of receiving, make a deceiving; in place of showing forth Christ's death, make new oblations of his death' (Foxe 5:303).
Mary buildings were maintained by possessions, tuition, diocesan revenues, donations, patronages, and oblations.
In a period during which the Benedictines had to contend with both the secular clergy and the Canons Regular for tithes and oblations that accrued to the pastoral office,(28) Guibert's rejection of the profit motive seems naive, to say the least, but curiously anticipates by more than a century the mendicant call to poverty.
All these ceremonies are preceded by the erection of a temporary hall for sacrifice (yajna shala, structurally a mandapa), in which the necessary spiritual energy or divine presence is invoked through oblations to fire (pratishtha yajna).
For from the rising of the sun even unto the setting of the same, In every place offerings are presented unto My name, even pure oblations.
Again, K appears to be the revised version since K opts for the complementarity established in the srautasutras of the two forms of offering, the yajati oblations made while standing and the juhoti oblations made while sitting (cf.
James Bugslag, discussing pilgrimage to Chartres, and differentiating the hoi polloi--who came as a response to ergot poisoning and were tightly controlled--from the lavishly-welcomed noble travelers, who left elaborate oblations to give thanks for the Virgin's military intercessions.
She notes, "Christian, Moslem and Jew still visit the mount upon a certain day in the summer and offer their oblations to the Prophet Noah" (p.
The exclamation svaha is uttered when offering oblations into the sacred fire.
The guest who eats is said to make oblations in himself "with his hand as the sacrificial spoon, at his breath as the sacrificial post (yupa), with the sound of the sacrificial ladle as the sound of vasat" (sruca hastena prane yupe srukkarena vasatkarena: AV 9.