obligation incurred

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'She should be cognizant of her responsibility that the moment she certified that cash is available, each obligation incurred is being assured of the corresponding actual cash,' the report said.
5 (2018) which reiterated that the net take home pay (NTHP) threshold is mandatory so that any financial obligation incurred by any DepEd personnel shall not be deducted from his monthly salary if such deduction will lower his NTHP beyond the P5,000 threshold.
("CB&I"), the Dutch dividend withholding tax obligation incurred in connection with the liquidation of Comet I B.V., a company organized under the laws of the Netherlands as a direct wholly owned subsidiary of CB&I, has been satisfied by a payment finalized on May 17, 2018.
"(This outstanding debt obligation incurred could have built several mega dams and irrigation canals to set us on the road to self-sufficiency in rice production.)
Further, the company is conducting the sale of the preferred stock under a contractual obligation incurred in its initial private placement of USD65m of series A cumulative convertible preferred stock in June 2015, (which was subsequently exchanged for series B cumulative convertible preferred stock), pursuant to its filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on 10 December 2015.
Using the term "to welsh" when you mean "failing to honour a debt or obligation incurred through a promise or agreement" is straightforwardly unacceptable.
The New Jersey Court further held that under the UFTA, a transfer made or obligation incurred by a debtor is fraudulent if done:
61(a)(12) includes to gross income "income from the discharge of indebtedness." DOI income arises when a creditor releases a debtor from an obligation incurred at the outset of the debtor creditor relationship.
For example, if a company first applies the provisions of SFAS 143 on January 1, 2003, to an asset retirement obligation incurred on January 1, 2000, it would use cash flow assumptions and discount rates from January 1, 2003.
But a new lighting system (the result of a legal obligation incurred in 1991) and financial losses at the normally profitable school put the festival further into the red.
A unit owner can also be granted exclusive right to paint, repaint, tile, wax, paper or otherwise refinish and decorate the inner surfaces of the walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors bounding his own unit; exclusive right to mortgage, pledge or encumber his condominium and to have the same appraised independently of the other condominiums, but any obligation incurred by such owner is personal to him; and absolute right to sell or dispose of his condominium, unless the master deed would require him to first offer the unit to the other condominium owners within a reasonable period of time before the same is offered to outside parties.
Evaluating the projected cash flow from any revenue sources that may constitute security for any obligation incurred c.

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