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What follows provides a discussion of the specific types of obligatory XVS structures retrieved from the analysis of different written and spoken English corpora.
An analysis of obligatory exercise suggests that the overcommitment and negative emotionality associated with exercise are correlated with psychological maladjustment and increased risk factors for disordered eating behavior (Steffen & Brehm, 1999).
Abbas Bayati, an MP from Maliki's State of Law and member of Defense and Security Committee in Iraq's Parliament, told Sabah newspaper that 'new Iraq' does not need obligatory national military service because Iraq is committed to democracy and rule of law, adding it also needs a large budget to be allocated for.
According to a general conception, participation in health-related research is prima facie morally obligatory.
He believes it is not too late to put an obligatory label back in the text so that consumers can choose the most efficient tyres and save on fuel bills and emissions.
El-Qobeisy added that decisions regarding the periodic book and obligatory appointments are urgent and fundamental for any resolution.
Her disqualification period will be reduced by three months if she pays for and completes an obligatory pounds 240 driving course.
Parliamentarian Dainis Turlais said that to renew obligatory military service in order to save on the budget is absurd.
An obligatory Property Information Questionnaire is also now included in the Home Information Pack.
There are many countries (specially Western) who have banned Islam's obligatory practices.
Gemma Arterton's fabled oil slick seemed to be wedged into the film, as did her entire part - not essential to the plot, just a bit of eye candy and the obligatory conquest for Bond.