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Abbas Bayati, an MP from Maliki's State of Law and member of Defense and Security Committee in Iraq's Parliament, told Sabah newspaper that 'new Iraq' does not need obligatory national military service because Iraq is committed to democracy and rule of law, adding it also needs a large budget to be allocated for.
Moral reasons in favor of an action are necessary, but not sufficient, to make that action morally obligatory.
Regarding the obligatory appointment at courtrooms, protestors and the ministry agreed that it would last for one year only and that specialists' reports would come under the supervision of the head of the specialists' office.
His disqualification period will be reduced by three months if he pays for and completes an obligatory pounds 240 driving course.
Enlistment is already cheaper as it is conducted within the means of the budget, and therefore obligatory military service is an incorrect solution to budget problems," said Turlais.
At present it is not obligatory for a seller to provide a completed Seller's Property Information Form, and Fixtures and Fittings List.
I hope you understand the difference between obligatory and optional.
We agree with the obligatory installation of equipment with ecological specifications in new construction developments.
The new requirement will bring about a 30 percent increase on the current obligatory utilization of 12.
Channel 4) opens with the following obligatory disclaimer: ``The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event.
The main characters are all curious children saddled with the obligatory annoying brother or sister.
Warrant For Terror: The Fatwas Of Radical Islam And The Duty To Jihad narrows its focus to the fatwas, legal opinions declaring whether a given act under Islam is permitted, forbidden or obligatory.