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The individual to whom a particular duty or obligation is owed.

The obligation might be to pay a debt or involve the performance or nonperformance of a particular act.

The term obligee is often used synonymously with creditor.

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(ah-bluh-jee) n. the person or entity to whom an obligation is owed, like the one to be paid on a promissory note.

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a person in whose favour an OBLIGATION, contract, or bond is created; a creditor.
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North Austin Municipal Utility District(16) announced the rule that there is no common law duty of good faith and fair dealing between a performance bond surety and the obligee. But there are different conclusions in Arizona and California.
Ces combats ont provoque une [beaucoup moins que] crise humanitaire [beaucoup plus grand que], selon ces organisations onusiennes, avec au moins 120.000 personnes obligees de fuir leur maison et subissant des penuries importantes a la fois alimentaires et medicales.
Les sondages montrent que les Americains sont en colere face a ce qu'ils considerent comme un train de vie depensier au moment meme oE de nombreuses familles ont ete obligees de se serrer la ceinture.
Les familles ont ete obligees de dormir a l'aeroport, sans qu'aucune explication ne leur soit fournie, c'est inadmissible[beaucoup plus grand que], a deplore Moumen, un commercant, originaire de Sidi Khaled (Biskra).