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The individual who owes another person a certain debt or duty.

The term obligor is often used interchangeably with debtor.

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(ah-bluh-gore) n. the person or entity who owes an obligation to another, as one who must pay on a promissory note.

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a person who binds himself by contract to perform some OBLIGATION; a debtor.
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Earlier in their submissions, both Dr Banire who led the delegation and Kuru, AMCON managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, highlighted some of the high-profile obligors of the Corporation including some 350 individuals that account for 80 per cent of the entire debt obligation.
For any additional commitments, the description should include the government's legal authority and limits for extending commitments, the length of time of the commitments, and the arrangements, if any, for recovering payments from obligors. Additionally, issuers must disclose the aggregate amount outstanding at the end of the period of all conduit debt with the same type of commitments.
The combined pledged pool is composed of approximately 265 obligors, with the top 10 representing roughly 56% of the aggregate pool.
is, they may be joint debtors or joint obligors. (30) This means that
If all obligors in a credit portfolio have the same unconditional probability of default and the same default correlation parameter, then conditional on [[??].sub.M] = [e.sub.M], portfolio obligor defaults will be independent Bernoulli random variables, each with a default probability of [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and a survival probability of [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (4)
The Introductory Price for the MuniFocus service for an obligor is $29.99 for an entire 52-week period and includes available current year budget, CAFR and first audits as well as weekly updates of Budget or Finance committee meeting agendas, minutes and support documents.
One is how to describe the relationship among the default probabilities of obligors and the other one is how to link credit risks of obligors with the economic environment they face.
Under the previous formula and guidelines, an obligor paid child support based on a percentage of his or her net income.
Called Moody's CreditView US Public Finance, the solution provides insight into an issuer, obligor or sale with a new, easy-to-navigate interface, Moody's said.
This form should be used when the court has ordered that support be paid by the obligor's payor through an income deduction order.
(18) From September to December 2007 the DCSE collected $109,000 from 171 child-support obligors during the first three months using the Illinois Department of Natural Resources new point-of-sale system,"which enables a licensing agency to identify deadbeat parents who apply for hunting or fishing licenses.
Modeling future capital needs for the purpose of Basel II has lost some priority compared to estimating the present-day capital needs of banks and other obligors that may be facing potentially fatal losses on assets currently carried on bank balance sheets at extremely optimistic valuations.