oblique allusion

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Having criticized others for being "too eager to alert the reader when a simile, borrowed episode or oblique allusion seems to draw Eve into a web of implication from whose inexorable sequel she cannot escape" (19), Green herself winds about Eve the sticky threads of implication.
Although it is not specifically mentioned in his discussion of American works, I have always wondered if he was making an oblique allusion to Toni Morrison's Tar Baby to forge a poignant metaphor for future critical approaches that will need to step beyond Western narcissism.
Nine years later, when he completed the Dictionary of the Bible (Bruce), McKenzie made oblique allusion to his previous difficulties in the preface: "Were censorship always conducted in the manner in which these gentlemen [the dictionary's censors] fulfilled their responsibility, there would never be any complaint about the process.
The show's second, central work was more successful, and in it the oblique allusion to sublimity paid off.
And the unidentified prophecy foretelling `disaster on the day that trust is put in idolatrous statues' (98: 1) is surely an oblique allusion to Isa.
Similarly, musical allusions to Mozart and to Wagner's Ring form "an oblique allusion to the concept of agape," Gaddis's "specific alternative" to the world of greed he portrays (112).
Basil Archer confined himself to rare, prudish and oblique allusions to 'crook .
This provides a model for Arnold's own poetry and its frequent yet oblique allusions to Milton.
The essays in the second section, by Lisa Hopkins, Richard Wilson, Stephen Longstaffe, and Jessica Wilson, address more specific 'counter history,' arguing how sometimes oblique allusions to various maligned figures--the Stanleys, Essex, and various Catholics like Campion and Southwell--might cast aspersion on those courtiers--most notably, William Cecil and his circle--who rose to positions of power.
After its AGOF opening, the riddle goes on to define its answer skirtingly in oblique allusions.
The rest of the book hunts for oblique allusions to English queens.
In doing so he made one of his rare and oblique allusions to the specific material deprivations of the hungry forties.