oblique hint

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Are these last throwing out oblique hints touching tophet?
The first oblique hint that Blair might be in active contact with the
Readers eager for tell-all revelation and dirty laundry will learn only that this man was impatient with amateurism and "was not known to turn down an alcoholic beverage." The biographer's thirty-five year association with her subject was ever evolving from fan to hired dancer to concert promoter to friend with only an oblique hint of anything which isn't the public's business.
Boris preferred an oblique hint leaving John and Tony (literally) to fill in the dots.
My curiosity was piqued by this medley of the visible, the invisible, and the deliberately hidden, a mixture that refuses to disclose more than an oblique hint about histories of which I am ignorant.
An oblique hint was given in London last night that the 700 maintenance engineers and electricians whose strike has now held up national newspaper production for five days might at some future date be prepared to take their wage claim to arbitration.
But it really did seem to be a question about air services to St Helena rather than an oblique hint to Mr Blair that he should sail off into the sunset.
Only by listening to Mike's oblique hints, talking to Dr.
"Like the old days?" The menace, resentment and oblique hints of past sexual abuse that hang thickly in the air make it clear paternal affection is not on the menu.
Aside from oblique hints of homosexuality and lengthy narration about Jutra's intense relationship with his mother, docu posits a private life that could never separate itself from moviemaking.