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One of the judges praised, in particular, the pacing of "Re: moving" and the deft way Sneath handles the congruence and divergence of voices which can only speak obliquely.
In a previous show, rather obliquely called Someone Likes Yoghurt, Richard Herring admitted that he "aimed to irritate as much as I entertained".
Dominic Cooper as Dakin and Samuel Barnett as Posner are the linchpins of the student body, the latter utterly spellbinding in a pivotal scene with Hector, obliquely revealing their wounded hearts during a seminar on Hardy's poem Drummer Hodge.
From a petulant, invective poem against bumblebees to enjoying and celebrating the pleasure of an anniversary to the haunting analogy between creating a house for wrens to nest in and trying to become pregnant, What Feeds Us paints sublimely with descriptive language, sometimes plain-spoken, sometimes obliquely surreptitious.
However, to suggest--although obliquely --that "Bomber" Harris's campaign was unsuccessful is stretching it.
IT WASN'T UNTIL after I got to Prague on August 12, on a vacation, that I realized I had obliquely witnessed a small skirmish in the War on Terror.
An architecture of shimmering silver panels alternates with obliquely positioned glazing, alluding to the legendary Daimler-Benz Silberpfeile (Silver Arrows) racing cars and associated qualities of speed, streamlining and technological perfection.
Guardino even suggests rather obliquely and interestingly that the adoption of a new political vocabulary itself forged new forms of political sensibility and behavior.
I somewhat obliquely explained that this exercise "has something to do with imagination, innovation, experimentation, and courage.
The duet reaches a denouement when she stops in an obliquely angled arabesque, face-down in resignation and resolution.
It is employed more obliquely in Rest Assured, 2001-2005, a hammock made of silicone rubber that neatly embodies the kind of tension between form and function--here a tool for relaxation made of a material that will only relax so far before snapping briskly back--of which Hatoum is a master.
And a couple of moments are essayed too obliquely - an incident involving Chris, a girl and some drugs; and a school official's abrupt resignation.