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The obliqueness of the adductor muscle, relative to the valve, was defined as the ratio between the dorsoventral position of the muscle on the left valve over that on the right one.
Holcomb's view that "McKay must be understood as a writer who not only struggled against class, labor, race, and colonial domination," but "with varying displays of directness and obliqueness, exposed more acceptable forms of resistance--class and race struggles--to " a sexual dissidence ("Diaspora Cruises" 4 718).
She pursues it with obliqueness in acting on deep knowledge rather than structural prompts to action.
Although it has been used and validated in previous experimental studies (BUSHE et al., 1987; HUSSNI, 1991), small variations in joint angulations, particularly due to a slight degree of obliqueness of the radiographs (BUSHE et al., 1987) should not be unexpected.
This alternative approach puts a poem to work, allowing its obliqueness and suggestiveness to trigger, randomly, knowledge and resources on the world-wide-web that are new for the reader; in turn, these can be used as fresh perspectives on the poem in order to perform it in individual ways, to 'fill in' creatively personas and scenarios in the poem (1).
Among their perspectives are the adjectival component of change of state verbs in Spanish, obliqueness as a component of argument structure in Amharic, some structural analogies between existential interpretations and telicity, a note on applicatives, and arguments from the root versus arguments from the syntax.
It has the obliqueness and indirection of Strauss, and its (unspoken) thesis is the Straussian nihilism that philosophy and faith are unfounded choices.
This critique of regulatory obliqueness and the disembodied public sphere of community television policy is framed through the discussion of three themes.
Can a devotional poem serve both poetry (a master which requires precision, craft, and sometimes obliqueness and surprise) and the needs of an actual praying community?
to conspire effects of distance, closeness, obliqueness ...
In Samuel Gyasi Obeng & Beverly Hartford (eds); Surviving through obliqueness: the language of politics in emerging democracies.
It is doubtful that Elizabeth's practice in this instance was undertaken as an example of how to obfuscate, or how to employ obliqueness to political advantage, even though The Glass was produced for political ends, specifically appeasing her father through her stepmother's interventions.