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Their extravagance and obliqueness reveals itself even more resoundingly as a tone of artifice, a certain spuriousness of character--and indeed these features can be ascribed to a kind of "essayism," a writing practice entrusted to a sense beyond that of imagination, to a truth sometimes more fantasized than thought.
We are not dealing with something straightforward that can be filleted, labeled and set out in instruction manuals: we are faced with an obliqueness that comes to us from the Gospels, where Christ repeatedly refuses to spell out what he is trying to draw out of people.
At their best, they remind the reader of a Trollope or a de Maupassant, in the precision of their observations about human nature or in the obliqueness of their insight.
For the final determination of the order of variants there is calculated a utility function which is based on values for the average, dispersion and obliqueness of the total evaluation of variants.
Evaluating two decades of US sanctions to curb Iran's nuclear appetite, the US Congress' Government Accountability Office recently concluded that the results are "unclear," adding with candid obliqueness that "some evidence, such as foreign firms signing contracts to invest in Iran's energy and Iran's continued proliferation efforts, raise questions about the extent of the sanctions' impact.
I see Oedipus as a modern man, self-made, tough and bold, who uses language as a weapon to cut through verbal adiposity and obliqueness," he says.
Though some might prefer the direct representations of "Jane Austen" as a character offered in recent novels and films, (8) in my view McEwan's evocation of Austen through Briony gains in power because of its obliqueness.
Even amid the ideological constraints of the 1950s and 1960s Synge, unlike Joyce or Yeats, was not considered to be a suspicious author for deviating from realism and displaying notable stylistic obliqueness.
I have to say there were things about it I liked - its obliqueness, its effortless flitting between Victorian and contemporary domestic conflicts - but there were still elements unresolved, matters undeveloped, ultimately no real dramatic thrust.
This kind of opposition is hard to measure; and its obliqueness makes it particularly hard to challenge.
You are young', Adam begins, with what is later realized to be characteristic obliqueness,
2) Unlike In the Heart of the Country ([1977]1978), Waiting for the Barbarians ([1980]1982), Life & Times of Michael K (1983), or Age of Iron ([1990]1991), however, whose South African historicity is part of the history of their reception, and unlike the recognisably post-apartheid text Disgrace (1999), Elizabeth Costello: Eight Lessons (2003) seems to resist the impulse that might turn its very obliqueness back into the folds of the post-1994 state.