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And with similar obliquity, Delcroix's name is now paired with that of Margherita of Savoy, wife of King Umberto of Italy and mother of Vittorio Emmanuele.
It's true that the interplay of uprightness and obliquity creates a sense of dynamism, and that the curve of the white ibis and that of the bamboos create a sense of rhythm.
The audio work by Leber and Chesworth, This Is Before We Disappear From View, 2014, is installed in an old coal bunker, where an antiquated loudspeaker transmits an authoritarian voice speaking with poetic obliquity of submission and resistance to penal systems.
Remarkably, Copernicus used a similar model to advance his theory of trepidation -- which combined the oscillation of the equinoxes (a spurious notion) with a change in the obliquity of the ecliptic that is now acknowledged as an authentic motion of the Earth's axis -- using Mercury as a case study.
Stephen will be in a spica cast for six weeks following the procedure (to) avoid further deformities such as pelvic obliquity and developing spinal scoliosis.
The resulting pelvic obliquity leads to loss of sitting balance and necessitates the use of the patient's arms for support, thereby reducing function.
Indeed, one might argue that they explicitly eschew obliquity as a way of understanding and conveying probation's potential.
Because of their brevity, the majority of these poems are constructed around an empty center of obliquity, and, taken in tandem with the skills of educated readers, this is how their emotional effects are successfully conveyed.
51-55) Reduced acetabular size and obliquity create shearing forces on the articular cartilage.
She said that it turns out that a small tilt, or obliquity, in the spin axis, sometime in the past, can explain a lot of what we see.
2] = 100 min; satellite orbit is a circle; obliquity angle of the orbital plane i = 108[degrees]; [omega] = 0.
The role of bathymetry, wave obliquity and coastal curvature in dune erosion prediction.