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The analysis revealed a string of dark spots below the neck, possibly a necklace that the artist eventually decided to obliterate before he was satisfied with his work.
culture and its effort to obliterate everything German.
From a phenomenological point of view, the imagination has its limits, yet it's those very limits that Holzer most wants to test and perhaps to obliterate, but definitely to know from the "other side.
But in Une Petite Etude (A little study, 1992) Nelson's all-or-nothing approach threatens to obliterate an otherwise intriguing use of space.
Often, her objects are entirely covered with phallic shapes made of cloth, and the accumulation of these shapes in an undifferentiated mass merges with the surrounding space to obliterate the surface.
A good hosing from a maintenance man or a downpour from Mother Nature quickly obliterates whatever the message, be it carefully crafted or impulsively inscribed.