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Peake said: "There was once a theatre that was obliterated. There was a show that did not go on.
This is the first time also that a van has been obliterated completely, wala kang makitang chassis, wala kang makitang ano [We had an extensive investigation of Basilan incident.
But there is a difference here, hindi ko malaman kung paano nabuhay 'yung kasong obliterated na.
Howard Johnson who owns the business on Mary Street told Teesside Live: "The roller shutters were totally obliterated.
She was during saw obliterated "She was a nursery teacher at Stoke Heath nursery 70 years ago and then ran a special needs unit at Deedmore in Coventry for many years and was loved by everyone she met.
He said that Peshawar was a historical 2600 old living city that had more heritages than other cities in Sub-Continent, but unfortunately was being obliterated due apathy of the district and provincial government.
"This wicked ideology must be obliterated, and I mean completely obliterated," he added.
"Once you've got away with it, you just keep on doing it," says ex-policeman Pete while Sanja, describing the guilt, says: "In one night we've obliterated two fully functioning families."
INTRODUCTION: Obliterative appendicitis is the condition in which lumen of a portion or all of appendix has been fully obliterated. The process of obliteration of the lumen of the appendix occurs during all ages from five years to old age and that its activity is greatest between birth and forty years of age.
If you thought I had a good start there, you stick me up against Usain Bolt and I will get absolutely obliterated," he said.
by noise, obliterated by the Atlantic Ocean, that oldest and
The UN voted and declared a no-fly zone over Libya but did not state the Libyan army should be obliterated (with obvious casualties) nor that Gaddafi should be consigned to dust.