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No obliterative phlebitis was seen in our case, but the incidence of this finding is known to vary tremendously among different organ systems; one large study identifies its presence in 56% to 85% of diagnosed cases depending on the system involved.
She was admitted to the respiratory ward at Birmingham Children's Hospital and was diagnosed as having obliterative bronchitis.
Malafronte et al have proposed a new classification system for otosclerosis: blue otosclerosis (blue footplate), white otosclerosis (white footplate), and obliterative otosclerosis (footplate not visible).
Witness the double success of treating ESRD in a patients with myeloma, after obliterative anti-cancer treatment, with a both kidney and blood stem cells from a donor.
In December last year, suffering obliterative bronchiolitis and chronic organising pneumonia, the Gazette reported how he needed a fourth transplant.
Each protagonist struggles to maintain language, sanity, and humanity together under the obliterative pressure of racism's traumas.
This obliterative approach is suitable only in those who are certain they no longer desire coital function, but on its own, vaginal cerclage also can serve as a bridge to nonobliterative repair, Dr.
Scintigraphy, angigraphy and computed tomography in unilateral hyperlucent lung due to obliterative bronchiolitis.
Lung rejection in lung or heart-lung transplant patients takes the form of obliterative bronchiolitis and, in fact, obliterative bronchiolitis is the major complication in survivors of heart-lung transplantation.
We made love then in the fast, furious, obliterative way we liked and afterwards I lay in the back seat with her, sweaty and feeling good, and then it came to me this was probably a drug, too.
They noted that patients in their study treated with urinary diversion and urethral realignment developed obliterative strictures, similar to the patients in WVUH.
Chronic generalized obliterative arteriopathy in cattle: a sequel to sheep-associated malignant catarrhal fever.