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Having gone straight from academic life (the pair were both film school students in New York) to life as full-time musicians, Follin and Oblivion had barely paused for breath during an intensive three-year period of recording, touring and promotion.
Oblivion is compelling as a novel, but factor in the historical importance of this epoch in Russia's past and it becomes a necessary novel of Gulag literature.
The testing of seemingly solid worldviews by life's chaotic surprises lies at the heart of Oblivion, which plays at Connecticut's Westport Country Playhouse Aug.
Oblivion was released in Chinese cinemas today and tells the story of a veteran marine commander named Jack (Cruise) who is assigned to extract the Earth's remaining resources.
The Oblivion project origi- nated from an eight-page piece written by producer- director Joseph Kosinski.
Oblivion, which looks fabulous with its brilliant technology, uses ideas from other sci-fi films and doesn't quite hit the spot.
Oblivion is interesting but it doesn't quite make the cut as a great film.
Oblivion isn't bound by Olga Kurylenko as Julia and Tom Cruise as Jack Harper, also right, in sci-fi thriller Oblivion grey tunnels because Kosinski remembers he's making an action movie too.
Summary: Tom Cruise has revealed he works out every day at the Oblivion premiere.
The Mission: Impossible actor, who celebrated his 50th birthday last July, bares his top half in his latest film, sci-fi epic Oblivion.
Oblivion tells the story of five powerful young people, from different cultural backgrounds, who when united can save the human race.
I also don't believe in "taxing the successful into oblivion.