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"I actually think Terry's a bit oblivious to it all.
But the carefree sound of Aztec was recalled with old favourites like Killermont Street, Somewhere In My Heart, Oblivious and Reason For Living.
Committee men and staff at St Peter's RFC in Cardiff were oblivious to theft of the drink, even though steward Thomas Gerald Davies, was ``drunk as a lord'' most of the time.
Amazingly Frank's current wife in Albert Square, Peggy - hardman Phil's mother - Pat's husband Roy and the others remain oblivious to the naughty get-together.
FAMILIES packed the Millennium Dome yesterday largely oblivious to crowds of leather-clad homosexuals who converged on the attraction for an unofficial Gay Day.
Tifft and Jones indicate that Times leadership is far from oblivious to considerations of profit in its management of its other journalistic properties.
Since federal and provincial governments seem oblivious to this deception, it will be up to parents, teachers, and school trustees to block this first of, no doubt, many intrusions.
She is also oblivious to the way class determines Cubans' attitudes and responses to the revolution.
I was happily though naively absorbed in my narrow, self-centred life, oblivious of others.
Linda was sitting at the table, making out the lesson plans, Oblivious to my presence, So I went to Graelyn's room.
THE over-45s are "apparently oblivious" to the need to use condoms in a new relationship, a charity warned.