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It is not until there is an accident or traffic offence that these oblivious people will even know about the cloned vehicle.
mindless This pair seem oblivious to the potential danger
Analysts have said that some Chinese banks are oblivious to the implications of increasing bad loans on their books.
This isn't happening and as a result men are walking around like ticking time bombs, completely oblivious to the danger they face.
The Chess Boards on the Hayes THE chess boards on the Hayes have square seats, concrete and aesthetic yet stand forlorn in the warm sunshine with a plastic cup instead of pawns and rooks for no-one pretends to be Bobby Fischer or the mighty Kasparov today yet tomorrow we will play, you and I oblivious to shoppers passing by.
RISALPUR, October 28, 2010 (Frontier Star): President Asif Ali Zardari has said that the government is not oblivious to country's defense and is well aware of importance and role of Pakistan Air Force.
Pakistan cannot be oblivious to these developments," The News quoted the statement, as saying.
Meanwhile, the Underworld staff are still oblivious to Webster's condition, and Carla intervenes to stop the girls bullying Sally about her time off.
We should not allow ourselves to be painted as a party that is oblivious to economic conditions," he will say.
They cocoon themselves in their own chosen brand of ideology and become oblivious to any outside influences and develop tunnel vision.
Byline: People in Manila seem oblivious to the suffering - Queenie Padilla
A survey of over 400 organisations by insurance firm Royal & SunAlliance showed that 42 per cent were oblivious to the fines they may face by failing to comply with the no-smoking law, which came into effect in Wales this month and will be introduced in England in July.