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Outside the bus, French citizens obliviously stroll and bicycle by enjoying the sunny day.
As he sat up in shock and agony with a face as bruised as a one legged can can dancer's backside, his wife completed her master stroke by lying there, pretending to be obliviously asleep.
Never again would I slog obliviously through life or fail to appreciate the good things in it.
Even before that, director Denis Villeneuve (who made the dire Incendies, recently shown at the Friends of the Cinema) has a tendency to tart things up, playing one scene -- an intruder in the house, striding towards a teenage girl sitting obliviously in the bathtub -- like a cheap horror movie.
I dropped to the ground and risked a sharp whistle at my hunting partner, who was behind me on the trail and walking as obliviously as I was.
Relying on the owners of sites to self police them obliviously isn't working, so the time for tough, enforceable measures has surely long passed?
In the last image of the novel, the reader finds Angustias obliviously singing while she performs house chores, and tends to her baby.
If not a collector, then what of the innocent postal worker obliviously inspecting what may be his last damaged package?
The sunlight flowed into an antenna and became a signal flashing into the sky, into space, all the way to Earth, where it would display images of Martian silica lying quietly, obliviously, piled in ripples, blowing in eternal circles.
While humans have little presence, one shot of a bright red tractor trailer has a perfect accent in the baleful look given the photographer by its driver, while a woman riding shotgun seems to be obliviously reading a map.
He was obliviously destined for greatness and soon had his own band.