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Hypothesis 4: Dissociative tendencies as measured by the Obliviousness subscale of the DPS will be greater in Ps who feel their hand was being moved by an OF during the AC task than in other Ps.
Sweet's sweeping romantic notions, her willful obliviousness and her writing--though it's Mr.
Whether due to our own obliviousness or that temporary "trick" of childhood or grace "to sidestep even the smallest emergencies," while sparks of domestic scenes catch fire and quiet suicides proliferate--as Bruck shows us--too often we are waiting for precisely the wrong thing.
Despite Ye's earnest reporting, her and the villagers' obliviousness of the object's real identity has now lent itself to national amusement.
Public indifference and obliviousness are two factors to be overcome, if the NHS is to remain free and accessible.
ON THE WAY HOME I thought of great fame, of which Gergiev had seemed so sick that he found Palermo's obliviousness to it a welcome change.
Animals are notorious for their obliviousness to boundaries when it comes to food.
And Steve's obliviousness to danger was the same on dry land too - cut to a shot of him face-to-face with a swollen hive full of African killer bees while hanging half way down a cliff face.
In today's advanced capitalist democracies, most citizens' obliviousness to this history serves elite interests; otherwise, many more people, if not most, would be screaming bloody murder at increasingly successful efforts to shrink the public sector.
Summary: Despite numerous setbacks to his disgraced regime, Moammar Gadhafi continued Tuesday to display his trademark obliviousness toward reality, and with his people's suffering unabated.
Behind such a tragedy are a cheerful obliviousness to traffic rules and safety on the part of cyclists, and narrow roads often lacking even an adequate sidewalk.
Part of the obliviousness to culture stems from the fact that Delhi is a city of immigrants, as author William Dalrymple states somewhere.