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But they are not willing to risk more lives for a president who has only obloquy for their sacrifice.
The defects of California's second constitution, while troublesome, do not fully explain the obloquy to which it has been subjected.
Under the guise of liberty, Federalists claimed, these "democrats, mobocrats & all other kinds of rats" (6) oppose the war effort and heap obloquy on the government.
The relevant statute read: "It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to manufacture, sell, or offer for sale, advertise or publish, present or exhibit in any public place in this state any lithograph, moving picture, play, drama or sketch, which publication or exhibition portrays depravity, criminality, unchastity, or lack of virtue of a class of citizens, of any race, color, creed or religion which said publication or exhibition exposes the citizens of any race, color, creed or religion to contempt, derision, or obloquy or which is productive of breach of the peace or riots.
Bertram: It is an honour 'longing to our house, Bequeathed down from many ancestors, Which were the greatest obloquy i'th'world In me to lose.
In the end, it is the Governor General who will be held politically responsible for what could be judged by the general public as a "wrong" decision, with the price to pay possible premature retirement or non-extension of office and any incidental public obloquy.
ISSUES 17, 25-27 (2000) (describing rural residents' strategies for economic self-sufficiency and the obloquy associated with public assistance, even among those who had received it in the past); Willits et al.
The desire of revenge is almost inseparable from the sense of wrong; and we can hardly help sympathizing with the proud spirit, hid beneath his "Jewish gaberdine," stung to madness by repeated undeserved provocations, and labouring to throw off the load of obloquy and oppression heaped upon him and all his tribe by one desperate act of "lawful" revenge.
84) The first of the two statutes at issue forbade a person to "expose any living person to hatred, contempt, ridicule or obloquy, or to deprive him of the benefit of public confidence or social intercourse.
If Bush wants to spare himself the obloquy rightly visited on Clinton, he will say no to any pardon based on partisanship (Libby, Cunningham, ex-Alaska Sen.
They constitute a libel upon an entire people who had hoped that at least in America they might be spared the insult, the humiliation and the obloquy which these articles are scattering throughout the land and which are echoes from the dark middle ages.
cannot be made to bear more than a part of the obloquy for China's economic stagnation (Feuerwerker, 1995, p.