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While the latter brings together loyal patriots, radical fundamentalists and terrorists, the common trait among them all is obnoxiousness.
Isobel remains close to Downton Abbey, the writers' toleration for her obnoxiousness evidence of both the genre difference--we need her still as a source for further dramatic conflicts in the continuing series--and of a changed modern attitude towards women who actively attempt to influence events around them.
Riggs went on to take his obnoxiousness to new levels in the 70s with his challenge to Billie Jean King in the "Battle of the Sexes," which was wildly successful financially, but wildly unsuccessful score-wise due to his failure to triumph over his formidable female opponent.
"The obnoxiousness isn't limited to pro sports either.
"When you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men, and if you believe me not, just get a load of Rick Santorum, whose obnoxiousness is vast as the heavens, and please don't get me started on Michelle Bachman, yet the GOP presidential field has been highly pleasing to the Lord, who likes a good laugh as much as the next guy." Or something like that.
After mining Thanksgiving dinner through overwhelming obnoxiousness, Jill announces her intention to stay on as a houseguest through Hanukkah, and Jack begins to fret that her continued presence could pose a threat to his upcoming New Year's Eve cruise (on Royal Caribbean's new Allure of the Seas vessel, we're reminded).
Nevertheless, there existed an increasingly broad-based consensus on the moral obnoxiousness of slavery, reinforced by emerging social and political dynamics in the Caribbean.
With almost every other wall in the vicinity of the local paan-wallah appearing to be decorated with garish red graffiti, one need not elaborate on the obnoxiousness of this taste.
But I'm not sure anyone has quite spelled out the sheer obnoxiousness and absurdity and mutilations of language endured by authors and, ultimately, by readers.
After a couple of chapters, however, readers will be frustrated by his obnoxiousness and insensitivity.
" Such obscenity, obnoxiousness and obtuseness should not be dignified with a response.
"The remark smacks of obscenity, obnoxiousness and obtuseness," he added.