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One of the best approaches in using obscuration for a breach is to combine projected and generated obscuration.
50, Battlefield Obscuration, illustrates the continued relevance of large-scale obscuration and describes its tangible impact as a force enabler in modern combat operations:
to provide an obscuration haze at Objective Peach to screen the task force movement over the Euphrates River.
Vehicle-mounted obscuration can be an invaluable asset to commanders.
A possible resolution would involve increasing the attention given to the employment of obscuration at combat training centers.
The expertise and vehicles required to reintegrate vehicle-mounted obscuration as a major part of the Army mission set exist within the senior CBRN leaders of today and the few smoke units that still remain.
One change that could be made is that the Chemical Corps could hand over responsibility for obscuration to another branch of the Army.
Many factors play into an obscuration mission, and those factors would need to be taught to the new Soldiers.
Although JP-8 is presently considered a poor substitute for fog oil with regard to obscuration production, research into better generators and possible adaptations to JP-8 could lead to easier obscuration resourcing.
However, if combat vehicles containing generators can be remotely operated in the future, then large-scale obscuration missions can be carried out in combat zones under heavy enemy engagement.