obscure information

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They are also called on to ferret out detailed and obscure information that eludes easy Internet procedures.
When combined with facial recognition and the power of Google to find obscure information, the possibility of damage to reputation is obvious," Fertik writes.
After four weeks searching for obscure information regarding racing across the four corners of the globe, we are down to the final two in the inaugural Racing World Cup.
While Kiple regularly serves up morsels of obscure information, such as the German War Office's Stockpiling of kola nuts in 1890 because of their supposed power in generating courage, the challenge of squeezing such a grand narrative into a conventionally sized volume brings some common problems.
For too many businesses, the end user's experience remains clouded in obscure information -- or no information at all -- putting business, brand and profits at risk.
They throw a lot of stuff at you from everyday procedures to obscure information," Sgt.
You know what to expect from it and you would have to be searching for some pretty obscure information if you couldn't find it here.
Put in all the obscure information you can: left-handed, Ping-Pong player who wants to attend Georgia Southern University.
Obscure information sources will enlighten even the roost experienced investigator.
Even quite obscure information like the number of telegrams the Queen has sent to centenarians in the UK and the Commonwealth (almost 100,000) is included for diehard Royalists.
Though Rosalsky is to be congratulated for his pioneering effort to organize and provide basic and often obscure information, his publication can only serve as a foundation for others interested in providing more scholarly analysis of an important form of American music.
The film opens with a mysterious prologue that details some pretty obscure information about comic books.