obscure information

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Like all GCF books, it could be browsed simply for its pictures, illustrations and engaging sidebars with obscure information. But if one had more time, and managed to prop up the heavy book for bedside reading, it provided well-researched, scholarly content in deceptively readable form, minus the footnotes, op cits, loc cits and ibids that made many college students like me dread Kate Turabian's writing manual.
'We are of the view that there is need for clarification of obscure information attendant to the matter.
When completing research projects and the final thesis for my degree program, I also became fascinated with using different online databases to retrieve valuable and obscure information not available at the library." This academic interest resulted in Johnson earning a Master of Arts in Military History with a concentration in War Since 1945 with Honors and a graduate certificate in Counterintelligence from American Military University in 2012.
Bits of obscure information, such as the first Baskin-Robbins ice cream store starting in Glendale, an LA suburb, in 1953, add a unique touch.
actresses Su Pollard and Ruth Madoc, and stage comedians Josh Widdicombe and Sara Pascoe make up the four teams, but who will come out on top when it comes to obscure information? After all, there's no prizes here for stating the obvious: they're faced with a series of questions and must provide the most obscure answers possible, as gauged by the responses of members of the public.
They are also called on to ferret out detailed and obscure information that eludes easy Internet procedures.
"It works well for the top queries, but less so for unique or obscure information needs."
"When combined with facial recognition and the power of Google to find obscure information, the possibility of damage to reputation is obvious," Fertik writes.
Eavesdropping is always fascinating, and doubly so when it's on a genuine eccentric: O'Hanlon, a fount of obscure information (jays 'cache acorns and can retrieve 60 per cent of the ones that they bury ...
After four weeks searching for obscure information regarding racing across the four corners of the globe, we are down to the final two in the inaugural Racing World Cup.
I like the obscure information it contains (4 gills equal 1 pint, 1 nautical knot equals 1.15 miles, and a pint's a pound - "or very nearly" - of water, wheat, butter, sugar and blackberries).
The job of tracking down obscure information and minute sourcing to even the traces of chemicals used in products can be overwhelming.