obscure question

See: enigma
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she, in particular, spends her time propounding obscure questions for my solution.
This seemingly obscure question of the ethical foundations of law and government may be somewhat abstract, but it manifests itself in the most contentious issues of the day.
But this seemingly obscure question has now made its way from the confines of academic conferences and into mainstream politicians' minds.
He would go to extraordinary lengths to find the answer to some obscure question or to develop a position on some issue, regardless of its relevance to the work of the department or the time it took.
And there's nothing more gratifying than wowing your family by knowing the answer to some obscure question.
It is, let us be perfectly honest, a very obscure question to ask.
Thus, the work sheds some light on the obscure question of how the medieval scribal class was trained.
Scottish land reform is an obscure question in a remote part of the country but we should be aware that Mr Dewar is proposing changes which will fundamentally alter the right of people to own land and enjoy it according to their private wishes.
In the big-money world of Premiership football, it is ridiculous that the destiny of a club could depend on such an obscure question.
The reality is there is very little chance of getting through to these programmes let alone getting the obscure question right.
Jackpot: A trip to New York to be won for a very obscure question.