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NPs are more likely to focus on all dimensions of quality care as defined through the obscurest medical literature, not just those elements that are visible to the layperson.
Lee is rightly reluctant to reduce Woolf's art to mere therapy, yet Woolf herself explained her urge to write as a need to elucidate for herself her own obscurest feelings, as well as those of her society; nightmare and madness in her fiction always include a social dimension.
Manlius, Torquatus, Severinus, Boetivs; a Christian Consul of Rome, newly translated out of Latine, together with marginall notes, explaining the obscurest places.
`Some of Martial's shortest epigrams are also the obscurest', observes P.
Some errors are misreadings: ~required ruined' 45, ~recesses of obscurest corners' [=and] 97, ~Sconfor' [=Sconsor] 111, ~solitude' [=solicitude] 161, ~by law' [=laws] 173, ~chirsurgery' [=chirurgery] 188, ~higher parts' [=hither] 189, ~would have' [=could] 204, ~faithful witness' [witnesses] 221, ~policy is how to keep' [=is now to] 235, ~descriptions' [=description] 269, ~cleaned' [=cleansed] 269, ~The island' [=this] 273, ~margin of the few' [=of the sea] 275, ~Blackfields' [=Blackshiels] 317.
Soon after, I went to see a panorama of the Mississippi, and as I worked my way up the river in the light of to-day, and saw the steamboats wooding up, counted the rising cities, gazed on the fresh ruins of Nauvoo, beheld the Indians moving west across the stream, and, as before I had looked up the Moselle, now looked up the Ohio and the Missouri and heard the legends of Dubuque and of Wenona's Cliff,--still thinking more of the future than of the past or present,--I saw that this was a Rhine stream of a different kind; that the foundations of castles were yet to be laid, and the famous bridges were yet to be thrown over the river; and I felt that this was the heroic age itself, though we know it not, for the hero is commonly the simplest and obscurest of men.
Jonson was not Shakespeare, and there are reasons that his satires are revived more rarely than even the obscurest of the Bard's comedies, particularly in the U.S.