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And yet the faint, sad smile, so often there, now seemed to glimmer from its obscurity, and linger on Father Hooper's lips.
We've obscurity number-one we've seen bands do disappear obscurity While he's happy to have woken up in his own bed, rather than a hotel or tour bus, he's eager to get back on the road to what Blossoms do best.
In 1975, he was vehemently against being in Europe and was in danger of fading into obscurity in the '80s and '90s.
In 1975 he was vehemently against being in Europe and was in danger of fading into obscurity in the 80s and 90s.
BRIAN McFadden has warned One Direction members they might face obscurity when they go their separate ways next year.
If you look at a nutshell of security through obscurity where obscurity is hiding deep in; security through obscurity would be everything going beyond these six principles.
It charts the rise of Eric and Ernie, pictured, from obscurity to the most popular entertainers in the country.
Although very highly regarded as a composer and widely published in his day, like many of his equally-talented contemporaries he fell into near-complete obscurity after his death, and some of the music presented on this disc and on the previous volume in the series is recorded here for the first time--the C major quartet, in fact, was only known in fragments until the recent discovery of a complete copy in the Academic Regional Library in Ulyanovsk, Russia.
The suggestions put forth by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad before the guests in Tehran have come forth to show that his country is not content to feed the obscurity surrounding its nuclear plans, but also seeks to change the international rules that govern peaceful and military nuclear programs in the direction it deems appropriate, knowing that these rules were reached, after the proliferation of nuclear weapons and during the cold war, in order to curtail the dangers of the possibility of such weapons being used once again in the world, and to keep them within the framework of mutual deterrence between the countries that developed them.
Elsewhere, Supreme Leader urged all the incumbent and former Islamic Republic officials to adopt clear and transparent stances on events, reminding that adopting transparent positions and avoiding vague stances by the officials are much necessary when sedition and obscurity predominate the situation.
Summary: Twelve dancers, plucked from obscurity to join Michael Jackson on stage in London, say they are very lucky.
STAND-IN goalkeeper Jason Brown is relishing the prospect of entering Blackburn's relegation fight - and insists he prefers the pressure to being in mid-table obscurity.