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In retrospect, 'obsequious' was probably a kind way to describe a teenage student behaving like a love-struck gibbering idiot.
And the sole reason she married her second husband at Balmoral was because the Anglican Church into which she was born, baptised and confirmed (and still belongs) will not remarry even royal divorcees, unlike the obliging, obsequious Church of Scotland.
If all goes as planned, they will be awaiting him at the Hermitage for a long time.' An obsequious chuckle.
I tried to find news on TV last weekend and had to resort to text as it was wall to wall, Londoncentric, obsequious, sycophantic drivel from reporters who should know better.
Despite constant attention from his host, the obsequious Ms Kawasaki (AkikoTakeshita),Bob feels desperately alone,communicating with his wife via fax and telephone.
His attitude reveals the worst kind of snobbery: that of the obsequious, pushy little man who's made it from nowhere.
When the duke expires in reel two, his American niece, Charlotte (Courtnee Draper), takes over and, in between romancing a handsome local laborer (Jeremy Maxwell), saves the day by foiling a plot by Cecil to discredit the morals of the duke's faithful pooch, Hubert, (Don't ask.) Wall-to-wall music, polished production values and a cast who -- with the exception of Neville -- remain under rather than over the top keep proceedings bubbling along, with the added curio of seeing Canuck actor James Doohan (Scottie in "Star Trek") as an obsequious English butler.
Jean Boht is good as the obsequious char lady and will be even better when her entrance timing is tightened up.
He has become the most obsequious irritant of TV pundits, a veritable Uriah Heap never knowing when silence is, indeed, golden.
The powder puff questions put to him at the Chilcot Inquiry were incompetent and obsequious. It proves once again that prime ministers can get away with murder" Newport Labour MP Paul Flynn on Tony Blair's re-appearance before the Iraq inquiry
His wimpish stand on the brutal Israeli oppression of the Palestinians is the latest in a long line of obsequious policy grovels to Washington.