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If the primary responsibility of Modi's government is to the poorest people of the country - as the Indian premier boldly put across the message to Kerry in August 2014 - what made India's arguably most popular political figure in recent times, abandon his strong nationalistic stand and start behaving obsequiously in a year's time?
Parks notes that he does not sympathize with other African Americans, Puerto Ricans, and Mexicans who received the worst detail duties and browbeating because they act obsequiously instead of fighting back.
Its entrepreneurial translator, Tanyus 'Abdu, obsequiously appealed to the taste of Egypt's rising middle classes for a cheerful ending.
A photograph of my six-footer frame towering over the tiny nun and smiling obsequiously at a humble and gracious lady was pinned to the newsroom notice board thereafter, bearing the caption: "The editor meets his lunch.
The Oxford Dictionary defines creep (noun) as 'a detestable person' or 'a person who behaves obsequiously in the hope of advancement.
However, I have decided there are better things to be doing on weekend nights than watching either Tubs or Brendan fawn obsequiously over some C-grade celebrities.
In April 2014, Secretary of State John Kerry-while obsequiously acquiescing to most of Israel's demands and happily supporting most of Israel's illegal actions, including expansions of Jewish-only settlements the UN has continuously insisted are illegal-warned that Israel risks becoming "an apartheid state" as if it weren't already one.
Viewing democracy as the archetype and capitalism obsequiously as an ancillary subsystem, Newlon advocated the "pragmatic" and democratic approach in teacher education.
He also refused to obsequiously fulfill the traditionalist expectations of his Georgian patron Edward Marsh, and did not gain widespread acclaim in that group of poets either.
The bureaucrats learned to behave obsequiously to their patron and condescendingly toward the general public.
His nobility, like Rico's charm, is a bluff; the horse runs after the boss' mare the way the man obsequiously obeys Lou and runs to Flora for refuge and flattery.
He always had breakfast in the hospital canteen to show he had the common touch, and sometimes he would make a point of staying on longer after lunch in order to mix with other not-so-important doctors, who would laugh and grovel obsequiously at his every spoken word.