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Citizens can still get arrested for criticizing royalty and are obliged to employ self-abasing obsequiousness in any reference to the king.
China could react militarily and enter into an expensive arms race in an effort to cow India into obsequiousness.
Blame it on the presence of a parallel power center or the natural obsequiousness of Congress wallahs but Singh has proved a spectacular disaster, squandering all the goodwill and undoing years of hard work to return Congress to power.
In contrast to all too many in Washington, Beijing harbors no illusions that obsequiousness and weakness will bring "peace.
Sheik Hassan is a murderer and thief whose "master[y] at the art of obsequiousness and the art of scheming" (82) has given him a "visible ascendancy over the mayor," (83) so that his pronouncements have the effect of law.
CEOs must devote more time to investor relations and relate to them with a level of obsequiousness greater than that to which they are likely accustomed.
I find that when we are asking law enforcement to do something, there's this reticence and obsequiousness.
The character is notable for his cloying humility, obsequiousness and insincerity, making frequent references to his own 'umbleness.
And Birds of Ill Omen have flown en masse into the country carried on the carpet of obsequiousness.
The post of Treasury secretary demands punishing global travel, and painful obsequiousness to Congress.
Lest there remain any doubt as to economic motives for political obsequiousness to Israel, this installment--like the first--is transparently interspersed with full-page advertisements from Panamanian banks and related institutions congratulating Israel on 63 years of independence.
Republicans may disavow the spectacle and be contemptuous of the servility and obsequiousness such a ceremony implies - and indeed a succession of very public divorces may have stripped the royal ball of some of its shine - but I suspect that even the most jaundiced observers may sneak a peek at the television coverage in spite of themselves.