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Researchers have developed a science-based simulation framework to model the characteristics and signatures of a non-nuclear test device, from early detonation to late-time combustion, to identify key observable impacts based on the device design.
The capital will be used to fund the growth of Observable Networks' sales and marketing team and increase IT security market awareness of the company's dynamic endpoint modeling technology and cloud-based service platform.
They derived the equilibrium and socially optimal joining strategies in vacation and busy period of a partially observable queue, respectively.
En efecto, la preferencia de la adecuacion empirica, en detrimento de la verdad de las teorias, requiere la existencia de una distincion modal objetiva entre lo observable y lo inobservable.
The notions of observability, observability filtration, observable space, and observability indices are provided in Section 3.
The model therefore provides an explanation for the existence of "unused observables," that is, information that (1) insurance companies collect or could collect, (2) is correlated with risk, but (3) is not used to set premiums.
De un modo mas preciso, si el estado del aparato es una superposicion de los autovectores del observable puntero, la teoria no explica el modo en que el puntero adquiere el valor definido que el observador registra al final de la medicion.
If our Sun should suddenly cease to exist, our galaxy would never notice; and if our galaxy should suddenly vanish, the observable universe wouldn't care; and if our observable universe should magically disappear, the "grand universe" (in which the observable universe is but a vanishingly insignificant member) would not be bothered at all; and if our "grand universe" went AWOL, it would not create the faintest whisper within the multiverse.
In these cases, checking a weather forecast is a better option because directly observable data is either unavailable or unreliable.
In particular, students with observable disabilities - language or hearing impairments or mild mental handicaps - reported the highest levels of bullying others and being bullied themselves.
A large majority of school administrators consider the 2011-2012 IPEGS training as helpful or very helpful in preparing school administrators to rate instructional personnel on achieving both observable and non-observable standards.