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We find that relative to other lenders, homebuilders financed mortgages in riskier geographies and served borrowers with observably riskier characteristics during the 2001 to 2008 period.
In the first analytic phase, I examined the preservice activity setting and determined its intended and observably imparted practices and conceptions of teaching and learning mathematics.
There was an observably serious incident happening - in view of anyone driving along Hagley Road.
In our work together, Diana was observably different in and out of drag.
Assume that entrants into the academic market for reputation consist of two observably indistinguishable but distinct types: good guys, whose future papers will be cited a lot; and opportunistic guys, who devote their effort to publishing articles that eventually generate few citations.
A 1995 study by Herbert Marsh and colleagues compared G&T students to observably similar students in mixed G&T and non-G&T classes and found that G&T students show declines in their math and reading self-concept.
For searching for the sensitive areas where impacts the performance of intake port observably, the comparative analysis of the flow field for two intake ports with quite different structure form is carried through to seek the sensitive locations.
Compared to the pure PVA film, the melting point of PVA nanocomposites increased observably.
montana and associate species, such as Toxicodendron radicans (poison ivy) and Parthenocissus virginicus (Virginia creeper), given their observably greater percent ground cover and overall height.
4]) with control group observably to give improve gain in all of the experimental (0-42 days) and body weight in the end of the experimental.
To argue otherwise requires a belief that the price of property insurance increases faster than the value of the property (in this case, income), which is observably untrue.
However, even global analysis reveals that predominantly nonwhite nations have observably lower health status than their white counterparts.