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IsraeH Jews who become less observant are sometimes called datlash, an acronym for dati I'sheavar, or "formerly refigious"; another Israel term for the same phenomenon is chozer b'sheelah, or "return to question"--perhaps the most Jewish trait of all.
We will recall that the Committee on Religious Affairs and Regulation of National Traditions and Rituals under the Government of Tajikistan (CRA) in late April applied to residents of Tajikistan with solicitation to help reveal swindlers engaged in issuing fake documents purporting to allow observant Muslims to wear a beard or hijab.
And while his family's downward fortunes are mostly hinted at (beyond the purview of even such an observant child as Scotty), an ominous undertone to life in the lodge brings needed tension to the narrative.
The bank staff in this case are to be applauded, loudly, for their actions - for being observant, for being there when their elderly customer needed them.
Jews, including many who are not religiously observant the rest of the year, spend weeks ahead of Passover cleaning their homes and belongings to rid them of any morsel of food considered to be chametz.
This is both sad and unfortunate news, for if those observant Muslims who emphasize justice, equality, brotherhood and the "just order" (adil dE-zen) will not solve this problem, who will?
Observant Jews do not eat milk and meat together; nor do they consume a wide variety of animals--pig, most notoriously, but also shellfish and bugs.
The recent news that the town of Westhampton Beach is considering allowing the first-ever East End "eruv" to be installed for the Orthodox and observant Jewish community already has real estate experts predicting a change in demographics there -- and a possible increase in property values.
While I think every passenger would agree something needs to happen to make travel on the buses smoother and safer, it is too much to expect the drivers to become mobile bouncers as well as fare collectors and, most importantly, safe and observant drivers.
As they went off to pursue the American dream as observant and high-priced lawyers, doctors, business people, and accountants or as rarified-status academics, they abandoned the crucial battlefield of Jewish education, the molding of the next generation within their own communities, largely to those who are "ready to redefine Orthodoxy in the modern world as uncompromisingly parochial" (p.
Wood, "An Observant Eye: The Thoreau Collection At The Concord Museum" is a profusely illustrated survey of the Concord Museum's extraordinary collection of artifacts and memorabilia drawn from the life and times of Henry David Thoreau, the author of 'Walden Pond' and 'Civil Disobedience'.
Cleverly assessing Will's talents, Baron Harold assigns the disappointed boy to Halt, a member of the famous Ranger corps, the highly honored and trusted protectors of the realm, agile in body, agile in mind, quick thinking, observant, patient, and clever.